Correcting language mistakes on Twitter

My awesome tweeps are so encouraging and supportive of my adventures in the twittosphere. Their enthusiasm and level of engagement with me is so very much appreciated.

After my last post on how I’m learning Spanish (and now Portuguese too) on Twitter (my language goals for the summer!), in Spanish I thanked a number of people who had retweeted my blog post. Of course, there was an error in my tweet and I had two friends advise me of them, in two different ways…one in a direct message explicitly stating my error, the other in a reply message using a recast to note my error.

How do others approach error correction on Twitter? This is fundamental to me as a language instructor and I wonder what others do too!

Thanks for your anticipated feedback 🙂

7 pensieri riguardo “Correcting language mistakes on Twitter

  1. OlĂĄ, Enza. Eu sou o responsĂĄvel pelo perfil @ICBEU_ISAT, o Twitter da escola onde leciono inglĂȘs, o ICBEU. Gosto bastante do trabalho que vocĂȘ faz, utilizando ferramentas da web pedagogicamente. TambĂ©m utilizo muito a internet em minhas aulas e ultimamente tenho usado muito o Twitter em projetos com meus alunos, postando tarefas e incentivando conversas em inglĂȘs. Quanto Ă  correção, prefiro, a princĂ­pio, nĂŁo mostrar erros em mensagens dos alunos mas sim tentar fazĂȘ-los ver os erros por si sĂł – por exemplo, “retuitando” uma palavra grafada errada corretamente ou usando uma estrutura gramatical apropriada para que eles comparem com o que escrevem. PorĂ©m, se achar necessĂĄrio, sou mais direto. (A propĂłsito, como quer que eu faça com vocĂȘ e seu portuguĂȘs?)
    Se este texto estiver muito complicado para vocĂȘ entender em portuguĂȘs, avise-me que o mando em inglĂȘs, ok? Mas acho que vocĂȘ nĂŁo vai ter problema… 🙂
    Bem, meu email acompanha este comentĂĄrio e vocĂȘ sabe onde me encontar no Twitter, onde, alĂ©m do perfil que vocĂȘ conhece, mantenho um pessoal, o @zecarlosjr.
    Um grande abraço,

    1. Ciao JC, thank you so much for your comment. I can understand your comment without much difficulty but I’m afraid of writing more than just tweets in Portuguese (at least for the time being). I like using the recast method for error correction so please feel free to use that with me too. Please do correct me because I’m just “winging it” most of the time…I try to be diligent and look up verb conjugations and words of which I am uncertain, but since I would like to understand the tweets in context, I try not to translate every word .

      This is proving to a wonderful personal developmental experience and I wanted to say thank you for being so generous with your time 🙂

      Un forte abbraccio!

  2. No need to thank me at all. It’s been a pleasure to share experiences with you and, at the same time, help you learn Portuguese. We’re both gonna profit a lot from it.
    I’ve already commented on Pascal’s post on his blog and, thanks to you, we’re already even following each other on Twitter (by the way, thanks for following me personally on Twitter. I try to make @zecarlosjr different from @ICBEU_ISAT though sometimes there are points in common, sure)
    So see you around, either here or on Twitter, in English and, of course, in Portuguese. I’ll keep trying whatever strategies you find appropriate to correct mistakes and we can see how efficient they’ve been together, ok?
    Grande abraço!

  3. Hi!

    I just saw this post and wanted to let you now that I also use DMs to point out linguistic challenges 🙂 It just depends on the type of challenge. In the case you show here, it seemed better to send you another similar tweet highlighting the preposition than to send you a DM–which I thought it would be more patronizing 🙂

    Greetings, now from Madrid,


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