google’s voice in translation

Do you have Google voice? Have you ever seen a transcription of a voicemail left for you in a foreign language? The other day I had the pleasure of receiving this and the linguist in me found this really amusing. The message, left in italian, was transcribed in English.

Google asks you if the transcript was useful. I’d say yes and would love to use it an intro course to Italian phonetics!!

Here is the voicemail in Italian, if you care to play a linguistic game comparing Italian phonemes to English words 🙂

Buon pomeriggio dottoressa Conforti. Ho ricevuto il suo messaggio ma non ho avuto l’opportunità di risponderle quando ha chiamato. Sì, mercoledì andrebbe bene se avremo la possibilita di incontrarci. Umm, se ha la possibilità di richiamarmi sarebbe fantastico altrimenti mi lasci un messaggio per cortesia almeno per sapere a che ora possiamo incontrarci e parlare, okay? Grazie mille e buona giornata.

2 pensieri riguardo “google’s voice in translation

  1. Google Transcription can’t even translate from English to English properly! Sometimes my best laugh of the day or week is reading what they transcribed and listening to the original.

    I, too, have seen something like this once but the original, as you can guess, was in Portuguese. 🙂

  2. I got a funny one yesterday:

    Hey Michael, Its Michelle, Just wanted to touch base with you. I saw that you were picking up your little girl early but she woke up from that in that right. I is extremely could be more so than and then we’ve seen before, and we just wanted to bring it to your attention and let you know that you know we were just a little bit concerned that’s all bye.

    Translation: Mimi’s eyes are red and gloopy.

    For some Russian fun, you should ask Vik to show you some of his Google Voice transcripts. 🙂


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