PLN, website or web space(s)?

I spent the better part of my morning trying to update my personal/academic webpage hosted on our college server. I was using  Dreamweaver to update my professional addresses page and realized that I have this information on some many different social media sites that perhaps my limited knowledge of Dreamweaver didn’t tap into all the available information that already exists elsewhere.

So then I thought about getting off my a** and creating the personal start page on Netvibes that I never got around to. Then, I thought, why not a wordpress blog as a web space and could use various widgets there too. Then I thought, maybe my knowledge is far too limited and there are other tools that I could be using that I don’t know about. Then I thought…it’s time to stop thinking and start asking questions to my personal learning network. So, PLN, what do you use for your web space? My space currently is like an online CV, but it could be so much more, couldn’t it?

Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂

3 pensieri riguardo “PLN, website or web space(s)?

  1. Like you, I have a number of places where information can be found.

    I have a web site – (I also own .net and .org).

    I have more professional information, like a link to my C.V., on LinkedIn.

    I have information on Facebook, but mostly point to my blog.

    Ah – yes, then there are my three blogs – one for “professional” stuff, one for “academic”, and then one for personal.

    I was just thinking the other day about my web presence. I have a lot of information linked from that main page – but some of it is outdated. Its a chore to update a web site, so I’ve been considering making my site much more simple, like one page pointing to my social network sites.

    I’m not helping, am I? 🙂

  2. I have a website with my family’s domain. For me, this is the easiest solution. It’s a “traditional” web 1.0 site. It’s a little boring, but I like it because it doesn’t have any ads or “outside interference,” and I have control over what it looks like and includes. It serves its purpose as a repository of information that I want to keep and point to.

    I’m an avid user of Twitter and Facebook (to a lesser degree). I don’t have these integrated with my website because I use them for different purposes.


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