ready for the new academic year


I am very fortunate to be one of a select few professors to pilot a personalized study on learning with the iPod Touch (an entire class set–w00t!). As I am an Italian professor, the Office of Information Technology at Montclair State University, has also provided my students with the mini microphone.

In addition to the apps above, I like the ability to create shortcuts on the iPod’s home page so there are direct links to different websites too (e.g., Learn10, Garzanti dictionary).

Does anyone have additional apps to suggest applicable to language learning? I was very fortunate to have attended the LARC Summer Institute session given by Claire Bradin Siskin on mobile assisted language learning apps. If there are other apps you have used and can share with me, it’d be so greatly appreciated.

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    1. I was planning on a much longer post but time has been so limited since my return. Maybe once the new semester is underway, I can explain how I’ve integrated the usual SNSs (twitter, wordpress blog) for use in class, and how the new apps (google earth, YouTube and Learn10) will be explored.

      Thanks for the interest, Betsy 🙂

    1. I would love to say I’m the only one, but at Montclair State there are 5 of us in this pilot project…I am the only language professor, however. The other faculty members include other disciplines: English, Music, Management and Education. Thanks for your comment and well wishes.

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