Similies & smiles

Happy 2009!

Before I get back to the grind, I had to catch up on some e-reading…tweets, blogs, news. It seems that some people never really take a break from their social networks, and for that I am grateful. Much reading, as you can imagine, also occurred as it was written, in real time, so to speak. So for those who also spent time away and played catch up like me, their return was also appreciated.

In particular, I would like to thank @ophelia for these precious gems this morning. Being I love food as much as I love social networks (able to resist overindulgence but also known to binge time and time again), I had to compile them for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!


2 pensieri riguardo “Similies & smiles

  1. For me, I’d have to add:
    Perezhilton is chocolate – deliciously evil and everyone admits to indulging just a little, but I’d be embarrassed if everyone found out how large my daily intake really is.

  2. thanks for the addition…hmmm, you and hot chocolate? I had no idea! 😉 By reading your tweets, I know what your hot chocolate consumption is at work…at home, it’s your private space and you’ll never have to admit it, to anyone!

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