5 pensieri riguardo “rethinking my chapter title

  1. I think using microblogging as the catchall with Twitter as the example of a microblogging tool is a wise move. I would include something about how these tools are never static in nature, but rather constantly developed (and sometimes unstable! :-). The development can be by the original tools’ “owner” or derivative/iterative/evolutionary (did Plurk come about on its own or was it another way to do Twittering?). You can even add how they sometimes get gobbled up (think YouTube acquired by Google).

  2. I agree microblogging as the catchall is a good idea but given the past week I think the speculation on Twitter’s demise was a tad premature. It is all about volume of users and Twitter is already there – they just need to keep it running.

  3. I think that article was premature… apparently speculating about demise is more fun for many bloggers, both professional and amateur. My main concern is the idea that if/when the volume is published, my chapter will date itself and not be deemed valuable in terms of scholarship and innovative technologies.

    I am in a frenzy of late and would hate for my tenure application to go through the various approval committees and then have someone say “Ah, twitter? what a waste of time. that platform is gone!”


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