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Recently I asked about Pageflakes and it appears that we have more questions than answers about these different personalized start pages, written in AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) (…I learned something new 😉 ) that allow you to create a page with various widgets and RSS feeds. As I always have a project in mind when I tackle new technology, I discovered that Netvibes is the application preferred by  Digital Ethnography but there are not any other instances, as far as my research as revealed, of any of these desktops as courseware platforms.

Last night (or was it in the wee hours of the morning?), I found this article on in early March. Their verdict, #1 is Netvibes, and #2 Pageflakes. 


Hope you enjoy this find as much as I did. 🙂 

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  1. Netvibes and PagesFlakes are great tools and are followed by a bunch of others. They all favor on-line activity at personal level.
    I think the next stage it to have those tools working behind the firewall to build personalised intranets.

  2. personalised intranets… that is an interesting direction, Olivier. For my purposes, keeping everything open & free is key for experimentation purposes.

    Matt, I did peruse Odysen and I really like the free-formating widgets. One thing I like about pageflakes is they have a teacher site (, with gradebook features and task lists. Does Odysen offer anything similar? Obviously, given the personalised page is free, there is nothing that would stop me from considering Odysen seriously.

  3. I think you should also have a look at – the easiest way to personalize a page on the Web.

    If you think this site is worth a separate blog post I would love to publish your blog post on our blog and perhaps on our site itself.

    CEO and Founder ClutterMe Inc.

  4. Hi thank you for an perceptive post, I actually found your blog by mistake while searching on Goole for something else nearly related, in any case before i ramble on too much i would just like to state how much I enjoyed your post, I have bookmarked your site and also taken your RSS feed, Once Again thank you very much for the blog post keep up the good work.


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