celebrating via Twitter

elyllaurea.jpgAn Italian twitterer, Elyl, successfully defended her dissertation at approximately 5:00 p.m., her time. And, the beauty of it all is that before the dissertation, we all cheered her on and after, we happily celebrated with her, from Italy & other countries, from across the ocean too.

Today, Elyl posted a thank you on her blog to all her Twitter following and said (translation mine):  

If ever anyone should ask you “What’s the purpose of Twitter?” … tell him to take a look at the links [the Tweets she received]
Seven months ago, I hardly knew any of the people linked; yesterday they were all with me, beside me, supporting me and rejoicing with me on this my happiest of days…


2 pensieri riguardo “celebrating via Twitter

  1. No, thank you. E’ stato un vero piacere poter condividere questa bellissima occasione con te / It was truly a pleasure to share your joy on this very happy occasion.

    P.S. Love the pictures from your party on Second Life


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